Your HeartSafe Home Plan

1. Check Breathing

  • Do they respond when you call out “Hey, are you OK”?
  • Look and listen for breathing
    • Look to see if their chest rises and falls
    • Listen over their mouth and nose for breathing sounds (10 seconds max)
  • If they are not breathing normally call 911

2. Call 911

  • Try to remain calm
  • Answer the dispatcher’s questions
  • Follow the dispatcher’s instructions
First aids emergency CPR on heart attack woman laying unconscious in home, One part of the process resuscitation – healthcare and insurance concept.

3. Prepare for CPR

  • Try to move the person to the ground or flat surface
  • Position yourself at the person’s side, kneeling close to one side of the chest

4. Start Hands-Only CPR

  • Hand position: Two hands centered on the chest, as seen in the image
  • Body position: Shoulders directly over hands, elbows locked
  • Depth: At least 2 inches
  • Rate: 100 to 120 beats per minute
  • Allow chest to return to normal position after each compression
  • Push hard and fast until you see obvious signs of life or until emergency help arrives and takes over

5. Unlock Home Entrance

  • If someone else is at home, have them unlock the door and make a clear path for first responders
  • If you are alone, continue CPR until the 911 dispatcher tells you to open the door

Preparing Your HeartSafe Home

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